– When quality matters

High level glass cleaning is what we do – our main clients are 5-star hotels, luxury resorts and high-end residential buildings. We know the importance of good project management & high quality hence our portfolio is filled with many(Happy) high-end clients. – And many more to come.

The height of the building and number of floors is not a challenge for Sky-Work. No building is too high, too close to the water or too busy for us to manoeuvre around effortlessly and provide top-notch high level glass cleaning.

Sky-Work offers high level glass cleaning services  for hotels, commercial and residential buildings. No matter what you need done, we offer a flexible and economical solution where our rope access glass specialists will work in (almost) complete silence without causing inconvenience to traffic, people in the building and activities on the ground. Passersby often don’t notice us at all.

Rope access means that we are in no way dependent on lifts, scaffolding, BMUs or solid ground. This means that we will finish the job in a very short time after you make the order. And we can help with high level glass cleaning even in hard-to-reach places.

We are a high-end brand and our clientele is high-end too, below are some of the clients we help with professional high level facade cleaning:

  • 5-Star Hotels
  • Luxury & Premium resorts
  • VIP areas
  • High-end commercial buildings
  • High-end residential buildings
  • Private mansions

High level glass cleaning

Sky-Work uses Clean Water Technology, which gives our customers a far better and more environmental-friendly end result than our competitors’ regular rope access glass cleaning. By filtering the water, we avoid the use of soap, which allows the cleaning service to be completed up to twice as fast, minimising inconvenience for our customers.

Clean water technology ensures our customers’ windows are brilliantly clean from the top floor to the bottom.