– when it’s a long way up to the ceiling

At Sky-Work, we are specialists in all types of cleaning tasks, both indoors and outdoors. We complete cleaning tasks for residential towers, commercial towers, hotels and other building types where it’s a long way from floor to ceiling.

We have years of experience with even the most challenging and complex cleaning tasks and are accustomed to working according to industry-specific requirements and cleaning requirements. Sky-Work takes pride in completing cleaning tasks that would be difficult to access – or impossible to access – without using a rope access system.


Minimal wear on the building

The use of heavy cleaning equipment often results in wear on either building or substrate. The setup of scaffolding, lifts and cranes can cause significant wear and tear on the building and also creates an inconvenience for the people who use the building.

We are accustomed to work on porous surfaces and high-profile properties. We take pride in doing our job without leaving a trace – neither on the ground below nor the highest corners of the building. And we work in near complete silence, so people in the building may not even notice that we are there.

The more inacces-
sible, high and complicated the job is, the better it suits us