– minimum impact on production

Cleaning is a necessary part of doing business, but when it needs to be done in the industrial/manufacturing sector, it can mean that precious time is wasted while the cleaning is being done. Sometimes production equipment needs to be shut down for extended periods to make room for the cleaners.

Thanks to our rope access approach, this is not the case when you choose Sky-Work for your industrial cleaning task. Using our rope system, we can efficiently manoeuvre around the entire production area – even in hard-to-reach places.

We can solve all your industrial cleaning needs without the use of scaffolding, lifts or cranes. This results in shorter wait times, faster cleaning and our work can often be done with zero impact on production.

Highest level of hygiene

With rope access, we can meet even the strictest requirements within, for example, food production. Several of our customers have their own rope access equipment, so that they always know that all parts have only been in the respective production area under approved hygiene conditions.