- ideal for facade cleaning

Sky-Work has extensive experience with high pressure washing, which is an effective method for facade cleaning on concrete and other robust surfaces.

High pressure forces the water into even the smallest cracks and crevices. This high pressure washing method effectively removes all traces of chemicals, debris, algae, coatings and other impurities from the building’s surface. Regular high pressure wash cleanings will likely save costs for repair and maintenance in the long term.

Minimal noise disturbance

Using our rope access system, we can offer pressure washing services on all buildings, regardless of height. We work quickly in relative silence and are very efficient, so that the job is completed with a minimum amount of disturbance to customers, hotel guests or passersby on the street.

We will always advise you when pressure washing is the best solution. If we wash your windows using clean water technology, it is often easy and quick to do the facade at the same time.