– get the full value of your investment

If you have made the investment in solar panels, you have likely done so to generate electricity in a climate-friendly way. But in order to ensure the solar panels on your building function optimally, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Dirt on solar panels can reduce electricity production by up to 40 percent.

No matter where your solar panels are located on the building, Sky-Work can help with our cleaning and maintenance services. With rope access, we can manoeuvre around the building with ease and provide efficient solar panel cleaning.

We offer a flexible and economical solution where our rope access specialists work in (almost) complete silence without causing inconvenience to traffic and activities on the ground. Passersby often don’t notice us at all.

Rope access means that we are in no way dependent on lifts, scaffolding, BMUs or solid ground. Sky-Work offers solar panel cleaning services on all types of buildings.

Clean water systems protect the surface and the environment

Sky-Work uses clean water technology, which gives our customers a far better and more environmental-friendly end result than regular solar panel cleaning. By filtering the water, we avoid the use of soap, which allows the cleaning service to be completed up to twice as fast, minimising inconvenience for our customers.

With clean water technology, the solar panels are sparkling clean, as we don’t leave behind any particles of calcium or other impurities.