A safe, efficient alternative that is good for the environment

Rope access cleaning is a safe, efficient, and flexible approach, where trained rope specialists perform a variety of services at height by abseiling on the rope. The use of ropes makes it easy for us to clean even hard to reach and high places. By using rope, we reduce the risk of damage to facades or substrates, and we can work as inconspicuously and quietly as possible.

The ropes we use allow us to move up and down and change position quickly and easily. This means that Sky-Work can flexibly and efficiently perform the services you require.

In Dubai, Sky-Work’s rope access specialists are available for a variety of services, including residential towers, commercial towers, hotels, shopping centers, and skyscrapers, both indoor & outdoor services.

Sky-Work’s customers prefer rope access, since the method:


  • ensures fast and flexible solutions for cleaning tasks
  • saves costs and ressources
  • is gentle on both the building and substrate
  • is an environmentally friendly alternative
  • causes minimal disruption to the surrounding area

Our methods

Sky-Work has experience with all types of services – both indoors and outdoors. We always tailor the method we select and our procedure according to the task you need completed.

Sky-Work works using:


Clean water technology

An effective and environmental-friendly alternative, which gives our customers a far better end result than our competitors’ regular window cleaning. By filtering the water, we avoid the use of soap, which allows the cleaning service to be completed up to twice as fast, minimising inconvenience for our customers.

With clean water technology, the building facade is sparkling clean from top to bottom, as we don’t leave behind any particles of calcium or other impurities. The solution is ideal for dark steel or aluminium facades, where regular window cleaning risks resulting in white calcium marks.

We also use clean water technology on facades that don’t tolerate pressure washing, and for cleaning solar cell panels, where residues from dirt and dust risk reducing power production by up to 40 percent.

Conventional window cleaning

The water, soap and squeegee method is perfect for indoor cleaning, where the risk of excess water dripping from the surface needs to be minimised. For specialised, delicate and porous surfaces, we clean using a dry method with fibre cloth.


Pressure washing

Pressure washing is an effective choice for cleaning facades made with concrete or other resistant material.


Environmentally friendly cleaning agents

Sky-Work uses only approved, environmentally friendly preparations for all our rope access cleaning services.