– no building is too high

Modern buildings are getting taller and taller. These buildings require regular cleaning of facades and windows to keep them looking good – and to lower the cost of maintenance and repairs over the long run.

At Sky-Work, there is no limit to how high we will work. The height of the building and number of floors is actually irrelevant to the way we work at Sky-Work. High rise cleaning is one our specialties.

Rope access means that we are in no way dependent on lifts, cranes or BMUs. With our rope system, we can manoeuvre around the building effortlessly and provide top-notch window cleaning, facade cleaning or building glass cleaning results.

Sky-Work offers professional window cleaning services both for windows on a single floor or an entire skyscraper. No matter what you need done, we offer a flexible and economical solution where our rope access specialists work in (almost) complete silence without causing inconvenience to people in the building. Sometimes they don’t even know we are there.

Clean water systems protect the surface and the environment

Sky-Work uses clean water technology, which gives our customers a far better and more environmental-friendly end result than our competitors’ regular window cleaning. By filtering the water, we avoid the use of soap, which allows the cleaning service to be completed up to twice as fast, minimising inconvenience for our customers.

With clean water technology, the building facade is sparkling clean from top to bottom, as we don’t leave behind any particles of calcium or other impurities. The solution is ideal for dark steel or aluminium facades, where regular window cleaning risks resulting in white calcium marks.

We also use clean water technology on facades that don’t tolerate pressure washing, and for cleaning solar cell panels, where residues from dirt and dust risk reducing power production by up to 40 percent.

Safety first – always

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is the designation for the international trade association for the work-at-height sector that maintains and ensures standards for rope access companies globally.

At Sky-Work, all of our professional rope access specialists hold IRATA certification. They are recertified once annually, so safety is always the top priority when we climb up the rope.

The more inacces-
sible, high and complicated the job is, the better it suits us.